The “Oh Sh*t” Bag


Earlier this evening, there was a fire in my building.  My buddy and I went out onto my patio when we heard what sounded like the entire FDNY outside my place.  As more trucks showed up and fireman ran into the building, I turned to my buddy and jokingly said, “I should go in and pack my ‘oh shit!’ bag.”  While I was joking, I still went in and threw some clothes in a duffle bag along with my passport and a folder holding other documents like that.  When we checked the hallway, the smell of burning metal rushed into my apartment.  That’s when “oh shit” turned into “oh fuck.”

Like a total geek, I ran around my apartment scooping up all the electronics I could fit into my computer bag.  If I hadn’t packed the clothes already, I would have just grab the computer equipment and left everything else.  The items on my various computers and harddrives are impossible to replace and, even with most of it backed up someplace, I’d be screwed if anything happened to the physical items.

Items packed in both bags:

  • Macbook
  • Mac Mini
  • iPad
  • Two 500gb external harddrives
  • Passport
  • Folder
  • Three days worth of clothing

As we headed out the door, a fireman appeared from the other end of the smoke filled hall saying that there was a fire in the trash chute, but it was under control.  We didn’t need to leave, just open the windows to air the smell out.

While a fire is never fun, good came out of this in two ways: 1) my apartment didn’t burn down and 2) I learned if there was a crisis, I can pack my “oh shit” bag in roughly two minutes.

It’s only fitting that I’m exiting 2011 the way I started it; with the smell of burning metal trapped in my apartment.  Here’s to kicking 2012 off odor-free.